You and Me, Let's Taaruf

Genetic. A beautiful art, a sumptuous gift from our GOD. Then, having a knowledgeable respectful doctor teaches you genetic are definitely a gift too. Why? Take this as example. You can feel the difference between your dad’s explanations about how to cook pasta with hot spicy lasagna with your mom’s, can’t you? Unless your dad is a 5-Star chef, then there will be no difference, though.



Ok, back to our topic, genetic. What is that? It’s simply, US. Yes, genetic means you. Let me tell you briefly about this. We, humans and other organisms simply arise from this tiny, little ‘thing’ called cell. In this cell, there’s even more faint structure so-named nucleus. Sounds familiar now, huh? Within nucleus, we have chromosome or DNA, the structure that keeps us different from other organisms in this whole world and even different with our own siblings.


Looking it statistically, we have 0.1 percent difference in the gene sequence-or in an English word, arrangement of the gene-with other human. Amazing, right? We’re supposed to be alike with each other if we count the mathematics right. Yeah, we do have more in common in genome. Well, subhanallah, HE’s the Great Creator after all. Let take that as a proof for this ayah “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.” Al-hujurat: 13.


Allah has created us with unique difference in style, character, behaviour and qualities. We are different, right? Though, we’re 99 percent similar. So, it is compulsory for us to TA’RUF, isn’t it? Because we’re not that much different to not know each other, but still, not so similar till we don’t have to taaruf.


Say Dumbledore, we may come from different places and speak different tongue, but our heart beat as one. Now, let’s explore more about genetic. As neurogenerative disease-the one that involved with brain and nerve-can’t be cured, genetic disease also can’t be treated. Why? The reason lies in the truth behind the making of DNA. Let me give you an example. Have you heard of sickle cell anemia? What about thalassemia? Or Prader-Willi syndrome? Down syndrome? Angelman syndrome? Oho, ok. I know what you think. First, there’s so many of them, right? Second, what are those names? I can solve your puzzles. Not all, just one.


Sickle cell anemia. This inherited disease occurs throughout the world, including people around you. From its name, we can guess already what it is. Our red blood cell, normally disc-shaped, but due to genetic disorder, the red blood cells are now form like a sickle and alter the function of red blood cell in carrying sufficient oxygen-in hemoglobin- throughout our body tissues. Indeed, it causes blocked blood flow that lead to pain and organ damage. Even stroke may arise if the blood vessels in brain also get blocked. But, unfortunately, no cure is known. Only blood and marrow stem cell transplant can be done.


So, what about the gene?


As the wise man says, little ones can do big things. Glutamic acid is changed to valine. With a slight change in the order of amino acid in the hemoglobin molecule, already causes sickle cell-disease. Subhanallah, being optimistic, how Great Allah is when He takes care of everything in our body, control it, manage it, and make it functional. Yes, sickle cell anemia does exist, but apparently, not all human population inherited this disease. And how Great Allah creation is, when only slight change make someone’s life different. Means, He knows everything. Yes, He does. But, these diseases and other genetic disease has no means in bringing man down, but instead it’s to test them.


Remember the beautiful verse in Al-Quran, Al-Alkabut: 2-3, “Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, We believe, and not be tried? And certainly We tried those before them, so Allah will certainly know those who are true and He will certainly know the liars”.


So, let’s come to conclusion.

Already? Yup, finally.


Ok, genetic, now we know something about it. How beautiful the subject is. Regarding sickle cell anemia, that’s just one of the genetic disease outbreaks. Truthfully, there’s so many of them, and I can’t possibly put it all in here. I put one just to make you know how genes amplify genetic disease. How genes work. What genes are.


And as you all know from the beginning, our genes is different, yet similar. Take that as a point for you to start your day a little bit differently, in different perspectives. Look at your siblings, and think, “They’re just like me”, so how much you should love them? A LOT. Take a glance at your friends beside you, “They have no big difference with me”, so, how would you treat them? NICELY, as how you want them treat you. And, as you walk down the street, screen at those unfamiliar faces. “Ok, they have 99.9 percent of similarities with me, so they’re not so….strangers.” so, look at them right into the eyes, and SMILE. Probably, better if we have a handshake, and simply say, “Assalamualaikum, how are you today?”


Let’s taaruf.


Disediakan oleh:
Nur Izzah Ghazali
Tahun 2 Perubatan
Jordan University of Science and Technology 





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