Be Proud!

Proud .  The word can have many interpretations depending on the things that we are proud of. Some may be proud of their beauty, their children or endless praises for their achievements in life.

But, have we ever felt proud of Islam? The religion that we adhere to since the day we stated the shahadah.

Or for some, since the first day we saw the world.

Pride, in Arabic, can be understood by the word ‘ezzah. The dignity and honour to be a Muslim.

It can’t be objected anymore that one of the reasons why Al-Quds is still bleeding today is because the Muslims had lost their ‘ezzah in holding the title “I’M A MUSLIM” .


It was narrated before that a Muslim woman was slapped in the land of Roman. The caliph at that time, Al-Mu’tasim heard that cry and because of his high dignity and honour in protecting Islam, he sent his soldiers to attack the Romans. The battle was called ‘Amouriyyah.

That was before.

How about now?Hundreds of our brothers and sisters in Thailand were killed as if they don’t have any human right.Hundreds of our brothers and sisters are leaving Islam in Malaysia. Where are we in protecting their faiths? There is a Malay saying:”Tak kenal maka tak cinta.”Yes! To be proud with Islam is to know Islam. An employer won’t be proud with his employees unless he knows their achievements.

We must seek the ‘ezzah from Allah because He’s the only source of ‘ezzah. We must turn back to the teaching of Islam because the teaching is from our Almighty God.

”Whoever seeks glory and power (‘Ezzah), –to Allah belongs all glory and power.” (35:10)

Islam is the perfect religion. No doubt about it. What’s left now are us. How far have we contributed in making Islam regain it’s ‘ezzah?

Fauwiza binti Fauzi

2nd Year of Medicine

Jordan University of Science & Technology


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